To Mini Van or Not

Ok a few things have been bothering me in the last 2 days...
What's a mother to do when she simply cannot drive a mini van. I mean it, it's against every bone in my body. I have despised them for years, been run off the road by them, turned off by them.....and if our cute little family adds another I have to give up my "lesbian-professor" Forester (those are apparently the most likely people to drive my car) which I love. But you can't fit 3 carseats in the back without WW 3.
See I play soccer twice a week and have since I was 5. I detest the label soccer mom. And of course, it is attached to this type of car. Soccer moms, are you going to continue with this slandering can't kick a soccer ball attitude directed toward you?
What an idiotic name you've been given. And I, well, I am not a sideline mom.

I am the type of person though who would drive along with the lines going over and over in my head, "Beth, you're driving a mini van, Beth you're driving a mini van".
So what's a mom to do? I've given up so much. I can't give up any more of my identity. But I also can't drive the Suburban. I did once when I was a nanny/babysitter and it was like driving a semi. I gave up my X Terra because I had a blindspot the size of China. I literally made lane changes from left to right with a prayer and a gasp. So you see my predicament.
Oh, and we have 100 pound lab too that rivels the famous Marley, who has to squeeze in the back every so often.

I remember showing up to my junior year of college with a new Honda Civic. I was so embarrassed. It simply did not fit my art girl profile. My parents had had it for a year and then passed it on to me. It was Honda's Aquamarine Pearl. It did not have rips in the ceiling fabric or a dirty cigarette ash tray or stains that could not be identified.

I guess I have always been too concerned about what others think, no actually I take that back,
I think am too concerned about what I think:)


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