Saturday, March 31, 2007

Ruminations on Redheads

Today my son marched out the door with a style worthy of David Beckham, spiky hair, soccer cleats, "swishy pants" and all. Except for the fact that he is not a blonde but a redhead, oh and he's only 4.
Before Jamie (my redhead) was born I was teaching art full time at a local elementary school. I taught over 500 students a week, a handful were redheads and they were just that, handfuls. I hate to generalize but it was consistent throughout the years teaching. Is it a self-fulfilling prophecy or something in the dye?

Sunday, March 18, 2007


I am so envious of the mothers and fathers who can stop at one or two kids. (Yes, I know about only replace yourself etc.) How compact life could be...
But I came from the LOUD family (4 kids mom, dad and live-in grandma) and even though we were notoriously known as such, I was secretly proud of it.

All of my first cousins are neat sets of twos. When I was younger my mother would explain to me that the reason Peter and Katie could go to Australia was because there were only two of them. The reason why Lynn and Christie didn't have to ride in an embarrassing Caprice Classic station wagon (there I go with the car thing again) was because there were two of them....get where I am going here...
My mother never alluded to the fact that two was better though, it was just the way it was for my cousins.

So I have two boys, Jamie (almost 4) and Colin (15 months) and I think I could provide them with that neat set of two living style. Trips to beaches that require plane trips, ratio of one adult one child.....but then can I deny them the fun of that LOUD family? (well, we are already loud). I really did think that I was done after two kids when I caught my older son trying to smother his little brother (one month old) with bubble wrap.

Speaking of even numbers...I used to have to make sure every word I read was an even number. Really. This was when I was really young. I would keep counting the letters until they neatly ended up in even numbers. The word "color" for instance, odd with 5 letters, drove me nuts. I would have to couple it with another odd number word to even it out. Color World=10 letters, okay. I'm sure there's a medical condition associated with this.

If I have three kids am I going to have to have 4? That is the question.....I think I've grown out of that weird OCD thing, or have I?

Saturday, March 17, 2007

December Birth Announcement

January Birth Announcement

I am have been illustrating monthly birth announcements....I'll post the December one I drew for my son born a year ago when I get chance. These will be on the website....

To Mini Van or Not

Ok a few things have been bothering me in the last 2 days...
What's a mother to do when she simply cannot drive a mini van. I mean it, it's against every bone in my body. I have despised them for years, been run off the road by them, turned off by them.....and if our cute little family adds another I have to give up my "lesbian-professor" Forester (those are apparently the most likely people to drive my car) which I love. But you can't fit 3 carseats in the back without WW 3.
See I play soccer twice a week and have since I was 5. I detest the label soccer mom. And of course, it is attached to this type of car. Soccer moms, are you going to continue with this slandering can't kick a soccer ball attitude directed toward you?
What an idiotic name you've been given. And I, well, I am not a sideline mom.

I am the type of person though who would drive along with the lines going over and over in my head, "Beth, you're driving a mini van, Beth you're driving a mini van".
So what's a mom to do? I've given up so much. I can't give up any more of my identity. But I also can't drive the Suburban. I did once when I was a nanny/babysitter and it was like driving a semi. I gave up my X Terra because I had a blindspot the size of China. I literally made lane changes from left to right with a prayer and a gasp. So you see my predicament.
Oh, and we have 100 pound lab too that rivels the famous Marley, who has to squeeze in the back every so often.

I remember showing up to my junior year of college with a new Honda Civic. I was so embarrassed. It simply did not fit my art girl profile. My parents had had it for a year and then passed it on to me. It was Honda's Aquamarine Pearl. It did not have rips in the ceiling fabric or a dirty cigarette ash tray or stains that could not be identified.

I guess I have always been too concerned about what others think, no actually I take that back,
I think am too concerned about what I think:)

Thursday, March 15, 2007