Friday, May 04, 2007

Have Light Sabre Want Friend

Yesterday, I witnessed the distinct difference between my son's childhood and my own. I saw this mainly in the way boys make friends.
Upon arriving at the park,my four year old Jamie immediately noticed some light sabre dueling four year olds dashing through the mulch, leaping upon park benchs, hanging off the swings.
"Mom," he says, "can I go get my light sabre out of the car?" I was very curious as to what he would do so I replied "Sure" and "remember to just touch the colored parts, no body parts" How VERY un Star Wars like of me.
Jamie isn't what you would call shy but he isn't one to initiate playing with kids he doesn't know. And let's face it, all of his friends are girls. All of them. I've been praying for a four year old boy (with a cool mom) to move into the neighborhood but to no avail. We are getting to the age where there is a distinct difference between boys and girls. I'm all for him playing with both sexes but light sabre battle does get frowned upon by many a princess dressed up and ready for dolls and tea.
Back to the story, as soon as I place that evil red Darth Vader light sabre (that matches his red hair) in his hands, he's off, running after the blue light sabre boy and battle ensues. And it's a completely harmless and frankly fun looking one. These pre-schoolers have been taught about the FORCE and to only touch the "colored parts" of their deadly plastic light sabres. Every young boy on the playground is pied pipered to the action. And I am so proud of him. It seemed so weird at the time to be thinking that and my pre-mom self would have gasped at the fact that weapons were involved, (although I do like me some Star Wars....) This is one way boys make friends. It never would have crossed my mind before yesterday.
I smile when I think of what Jamie was really saying to me....
"Mom, hand me my light sabre, I'm going in."