Fantasy Life

Jamie has recently discovered Harry Potter (the movie, the 1st not so intense one) and has been watching it feverously. I have been watching it too, here and there, and found myself fantasizing about the train scene, the one in which Harry, Ron and Hermione are traveling to Hogwarts for the first time. I love the coach, the facing seats, the rumble of the train on the tracks…in my fantasy I am alone with my sketchbook, stack of books and I -Pod (well, Bobby could be there too but he better entertain himself), my feet are propped up on the facing seat, there’s a warm cup of coffee in a cup holder (who know if trains have them, it’s my fantasy so it doesn’t matter). Three or more hours of uninterrupted reading, drawing, journal pontificating, and the idea that the train will reach a new exciting destination…..ahhh fantasy life. These are the things that I dream of these days….I’m such a wild one, eh?


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