Let's Get Political

(sing that to the tune of Olivia NJ’s “Physical, why don’t cha)

Anyway, I was in the shower last night and I was thinking of something that my mom said awhile back that made a lot of sense to me (she is a smart cookie)…she said that she would most likely be supporting Obama over Hilary. She didn’t like that only 2 families would be controlling the country for 16 years straight otherwise. I had been torn before but then thinking of it that way made real sense to me. But how could I not vote for the first viable female candidate?

I have never really felt patriotic (except during the Olympics, I love the Olympics) before 911…let’s face it, I think I am a European in an American’s body. (I guess I am, really, my family hailing mostly from Ireland just a couple of generations back). I don’t like hotdogs, fast food, baseball, Coke-A-Cola, and I used to hate apple pie (gasp). I do like really, really, really old things like churches from the 1300’s with sordid histories. I love cheese and hard bread (hello Barcelona, I will love your food if I ever get there), eating dinner at 10pm, pubs, towns with histories that go much further past 300 years….and so on (I know there is sooo much more to being European but I won’t go on and on). Anyway, as soon as we started bombing the heck out of Afghanistan the feeling slid right down into my stomach and turned into mush. I was immediately stripped of that wonderful feeling of loving one’s country. I wanted to march right over to the countries that claimed solidarity for us after such a horrible attack, with a big ole’ gaudy T-shirt or sign that said “I am an American BUT I DO NOT AGREE WITH MY PRESIDENT”. Maybe it’s because I am female but I just don’t believe in the kick them where it counts attitude this past administration has displayed. It’s so, so, so….like a little boy would react without “using his words”. Punch, kick, hit, bomb.

I’m ready for change.


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