Move Over Sondheim

Right now there are a plethora of great songs being belted out in my house, composed by, well, me….

Let’s see there’s the ever popular:

Are You Stinky? (to the tune of Frere Jacques?) Repeat over and over…

Baby Lu, Baby Lu, look what little baby Lu can do…(to the tune of Homer’s Spiderpig, Spiderpig, does whatever spiderpig does).Also, repeat over and over (it’s just a refrain).

And the country hit: I’m Soo Hungry, No One Feeds Me, I Guess I’ll Eat My Hand.

I’ve been so busy with kids…there are 6 postcards in various states of “undress” on my drawing table. Soon they’ll bloom into something beautiful (ha ha ha).

I just ordered a bunch of beautiful fabric scraps from some artists on Etsy. I think this could be addicting. I love the randomness of the scraps cut into different shapes, some big, some small…wonder what they were previously used for. I love that I am supporting other artists by buying their leftover fabric (really nice pieces, I might add, Japanese cottons/prints, designer stuff…now I’m sure there’s copyright homework to do). There’s so much sitting on my table right now I don’t know where to start!

Someday, I am going to put together an Etsy store for my prints and cards etc. Then some other artists/patrons can support me and so the story goes. Here’s an Etsy artist I found that I love: Betsy Walton. It’s nice to see so many busy artists out there, go us!


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