Pillow Fight

Have I mentioned lately how much I love fabric….the colors, patterns, textures? So I see in the Post today an article about Hable Construction.

Two sisters, beautiful designs, delicious color…..and $150 a pillow! What! All I can think about is how great those pillows would look on my chairs in my living room and how my boys would have the MOST EXPENSIVE PILLOW FIGHT EVER! Okay, now, let’s be fair….these two sisters have worked hard. Pottery Barn has picked up exclusive rights to a few of their designs, they have made it big….but, really, who buys a rocking chair for $1800? However, it is all gussied up in one of their beautiful fabrics…..choose the same chair sans Hable, only a mere $800.

Ok, I’m off to design me some fabric….I can see it now, Bluebird of Happiness pillows aloft in YOUR living room.


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