My Super Villain

We are all superheros at my house these days. Something, I have until recently been completely clueless about. I didn’t even know that Spider-man was really a person in a spider suit. So now at night I am requested to tell stories about these superheros..gone are the cute stories I’ve told about Alexi the Alligator (future kid’s book there) who keeps falling asleep and getting mistaken for various things (a picnic table, a float in the public pool and so on). I’m good at those stories. My new stories are simply atrocious and I would be so embarrassed if the Marvel comics guys were listening in. I do like my sound effects though….THAWCK, THUMP, KABOOM…But after my story (which makes me laugh as I am telling it, because it is so bad), Jamie tells me that it was the best story ever. God love em’

Today Jamie asked what super villain I would fight. He would conquer Venom (the black Spider-Man who isn’t really Spider-man but the gooey black stuff…..)

“Dirt Devil,” I said

“Hmmm….cool, mom.”


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