Yep, it was me crying at the pharmacy counter…

and paying 150 bucks for 14 tabs of diflucan (the generic brand too).

It seems that with each child the parent may be less stressed (no more boiling pacifiers if they hit the ground etc.) but each child brings new ailments and issues. As of now I am an unofficial expert in: RSV and hospitalization, neck sonagrams, biopsies on 9 month olds, hip xrays on 9 month olds, thrush, mastitis, ear infections, drawing of blood in 3 years olds, and more….I could go on. We don’t do regular office visits, like for colds, a rash etc. we have to have cancer scares and trouble breathing (other than that my kids are healthy so I am thankful)….and I know many parents going through the same things as I have.

Today, I broke down at the Giant pharmacy and scared the bejesus out of the 70 year old grandma clerk. You don’t mess with a mother trying to feed her child, come hell or high water and she’ll pay a whopping ten bucks a pill to do it.


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