Beauty is in the Eye

of the beholder for sure… at our house…..instead of dolls with hair just waiting to be brushed, braided and twirled, we have articulated super villians with octopus arms and beer bellies (yes, that’s Doctor Octopus). Instead of the fruity aromatic markers I inhaled as a child, we have crayons that have smells like “Stinky Witch Toes” and “Dirty Dragon’s Breath” (yes, these really do exist).

Jamie asked for an action figure called Abomination (Hulk’s rival) for his birthday, he sees pictures of these guys in the little catalogs he got with a new action figure at Christmas. The catalog’s pages are crumpled and well worn. I’ve read it over and over to him. It seems the pure ugliness of the wanted toys is not an issue with the boys it’s just an issue with me …..before kids I would have never thought I would purchase such a hideous character. But Jamie and Colin play with these figures like I played with my dolls. But for them, the uglier, the better. They tell stories, role play and I am fascinated.

Back to Abomination (I call him Ab for short), I even had trouble getting him out of his plastic straight jacket of packaging, he was so ugly I could barely touch him. He has bones breaking through his skin, his spine on his outside and veins galore.

So, I asked Jamie, “Do you think he’s ugly, buddy?”

“Nope,” Jamie said……”he’s just different.”

Yep. I’ll just shut up now.


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