Love Fest

Of course, you all know that I am Brain,Child’s art lady……and maybe you know that one of my bestest (yes, I like the word bestest) friends, Jennifer Niesslein, is one of its editors and a herself, a wonderful writer. She recently interviewed with Brene Brown over at Ordinary Courage ,check it out…..And it’s funny that she finds me and Mary Roach (thanks for the great company) inspiring because we do things in our own unique way….it’s funny because that’s exactly why I love Jennifer and her writing as well. You can tell immediately if it’s a Niesslein piece by her distinguishable writing style, like a friend talking to you straight from the page. Many readers have said that they feel like Jennifer is a friend or that they would like her as one after reading her work….. well, you are absolutely right….she is one great gal to have as a friend…maybe I’ll find an old yearbook photo to put up (oops, look here, she beat me to it).


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