One Eyeball Theatre

I think Jamie and I have come up with the latest eyeball's a game,people! It's thrilling and fun, edge of your seat theatre and it can be done with only one eyeball! Here's how to play...lay down with your child like you're planning on taking a nap (but you're not because he's 5 and says he's too big for naps, shucks). Lay on your side and tuck pillow and blankets up to your face so that only one eyeball is visible. Then one person guesses the "emotion" the other is making (with the whole face of course, it would be too hard to make just one eyeball do the acting) with only that eye showing....What is it? Happy, sad, scared,mad surprised?
I do it with the "eye" closed....
"What's that supposed to be Mom?" says Jamie.
"Tired, I mumble.
End of Act 2.


Clarissa said…
Good post.

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