Just came back from a week at the beach, Corova's the 4x4 haw! You should see me maneuver my sister's boyfriend's Titan V-8, like I was born behind the wheel, punching it over the sand dunes.....
Seriously, I love it.
We had peacocks bursting out of the brush (really), wild horses, I-Pod dance parties (my brother introduced me to the hilarious and completely inappropriate, Stephen Lynch (he's like a tasteless and revealing bad habit).
Claire showed me Flight of the Conchord's "It's Business Time"
which we sang all week long...."Team building exercise 99!" "That's why they're called business socks!"
(It's not easy to vacation with my family unless you have a really skewered sense of humor, thank goodness all of our significant others are indulging and willing).
But what memory was best?
Was it when my sister Susan and I ran on the beach with our shoes on our hands after realizing that horseflies were attacking us and we still had a mile left to run...we thought the swatting with the shoes would help and when I found they didn't I threw myself into the ocean with all of my clothes on (running top was see through, yikes!). Bobby and Taylor (Susan's fiance) are watching from afar, thinking what are they doing? They're frolicking while we're here waiting for them on the beach getting eaten up by nasty horseflies.
Was it 8 grown adults playing Wii as if it were the Wii Olympics? My brother's wife, Katie, let me in on the bowling secret (it's a special flick, be jealous). I felt part of a special club.
It's hard to pin down the best memory.....ahhh, alas, I need another vacation to recover from this one.


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