Lyrical Quote of the Day

"Ohhh, these days. I wish I were 6 again. Oh, make me a red cape. I wanna be Superman......."
~John Mayer
(I do still love you even though you seem to love EVERYONE else. Good music is good music though, regardless.)

Recently, I noticed the quality of my artwork has declined a little bit. And here's why, pssst...too much red wine and not enough light. Oh well, sloppy is fun and that's the story of my life right now.

Running the VA Beach Rock-n-Roll Half Marathon this Sunday. Wish me luck. I'll be the one dancing the whole way, Elaine style, thumbs up.


Jennifer said…
Hope it went well! It was insanely humid here--it seems cruel to have have such great weather for most of August and then get all steamy when the marathon happens. (Not that I have first person experience.)
Yep, it was like running through a wet furry dog wasn't as much rock-n-roll as I had wanted, more walk/run-n-gruel....the heat just sucked it out of me. And I did realize that although I did it...13 miles is way past my limit and I like running (just not that much!)

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