Nestling in the Crook

"Fairyland must be filled with rag dolls, soft loppy rag dolls, who go through all the beautiful adventures found there, nestling in the crook of a dimpled arm."
~Raggedy Andy Stories (1920).
I found this book crumbling on my bookshelves today.

Recently, I had the pleasure of being in FAO Schwarz on a crazy busy Saturday in NYC. I could have been in any toy store with the cheesy grin I had on my face because, I was, I was in the DOLL section! Now, don't peg me for a girlie girl because my husband will confirm that I am not ("c'mon, Beth that long shorts t-shirt skater look is kind of boyish) but a big part of my childhood was filled with dolls. My Mandy doll (Fisher Price circa 1978), my Madame Alexander dolls (the kind you aren't supposed to play with but we did), one lone Ballerina Barbie, Strawberry Shortcake dolls that smelled up our playroom like room freshener on a mission. My sister and I created worlds, houses, stories, it was grand.
I spotted Raggedy Ann (and Madeleine too) but she was a whopping 80 bucks.
So, I picked out a more reasonable doll for Anna made like Raggedy Ann, with plush, yarn hair, huggable, no plastic and entirely cute. It was a a Big Sister Rosy Cheeks doll. I figure we'll find Raggedy closer to home with a friendlier price tag.
I want Anna to play with whatever she'd like, be it dolls, cars, blocks. But I have to say, it is nice to be in the "land I know from childhood" one different from my boys'. It's familiar and comforting.
And I can't wait to see my little Anna with doll or truck tucked under dimpled arm off on her own adventures.


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