Up On My Soapbox

I am presently looking for a dress for Anna (8months). She is going to be the non-walking flower girl in my sister Claire's wedding. She'll probably eat the rose petals (hope they are non-toxic). Nonetheless, I've looked at low price range to high and my head is spinning. It shouldn't be. I've seen 300+ dollar tags hanging off children's clothes before when I was a "nanny" many years ago. But something makes me scream bloody murder when a child's cardigan (even with hand sewn butterflies) costs more than most people's car payments or rents or food budgets for months.
For goodness sake people, let me clue you into something...babies outgrow clothing faster than young boys outgrow shoes (even if they ARE USING THEM AS BRAKES ON THEIR BIG WHEELS). And babies have no problem spitting up on cashmere.....donate that useless waste of money so another child can buy a wardrobe for a year if not more. And I'll sew the dang butterflies on their cardigans.


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