Another piece done over a year ago.... spring 07' when I was just learning how to "glue". I've been wondering lately....when I get a moment I like to check in on some artists whose artwork I admire then I end up click, click, click and finding other artists whose style catches my eye...and I wonder how much it influences me. Sometimes I see things like Jessica Rust's Birds On a Wire and I've loved drawing those precariously perched birds too. And I think where did I get that image in my head? The birds hark from "real life" me waiting at a stoplight or something, just noticing and cataloging. Of course, each artist has their own style in scribbling up those feathery friends.
So many of us and how many ideas? (Disclaimer, birds on a wire does not belong to anyone and I love Rust Designs and have been a patron of her art myself so I mean nothing by this).
So how much is our own idea and how much is found, borrowed, discovered, influenced? I once heard that there really is no original art or ideas out there. Oh, well, recycling is a good thing right?


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