Flowers, ties, rings and things....

September was harrowing, trying, take me to the funny farmingly new kindergarten child was loving school and falling apart like two day old coffee cake at home. It was about three weeks of sheer hanging on by the skin if my teeth and all culminating on a Friday at 5pm.... my sister's wedding. Everything and anything could go wrong....I was bringing the molotov cocktail, wick and all, to the civilized party, ready to go off at any moment. But alas, it did not.
The boys wore ties.
Anna wore a poofy dress without spitting up on it.
They did their respective parts ever so cutely in the wedding, ring bearers and honorary flower girl.
My sister looked radiantly beautiful.
I grinned like a proud, proud sister.
Anna did make farting sounds (or as more tactful people call them, raspberries) though out the whole ceremony and at all of the right parts....but it's cute when a round little baby with bow in her hair is doing it.
We fooled them all.
We love you Claire and Dave.


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