Report Card

The other day Bobby told me:
Housewife: D
Mother: A-
Now most of you may be thinking, what a mean thing to say. But I was beaming, really. (And if you know my husband you'd know that he likes to poke and I usually take things the wrong way and then I get all riled up over nothing.) But this time, I thought A-, awesome (and a little bit generous seeing as he's not home here all day, ha ha)!
And I was proud that I got that D, it means that my kids get to go to the park, color on the kitchen floor (on paper, it's not THAT bad), decide to make macaroni sculptures at the drop of the hat. You see, I have no real agenda these days . My to do list usually has one or two "house" things that I know I can get done and after that it's all about keeping my kids from killing each other and me from killing them and enjoying a bit of their childhood.
It's such a balance between being a mother and "keeping house" and something has got to give. It's much, much harder than I ever thought it would be. I'd love to strike a balance between the making a living being creative and the mothering/zoo keeper side but right now it's mostly chalk drawings in the driveway.
And let me tell you, the life size T-Rex's that I am drawing are worthy of an A+.


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