I have got one chubby baby girl and I love it. Apparently though, the clothing industry doesn't MAKE clothes for chubby little girls....I never found this problem with baby boy clothes and I should know having two of them, both rather chubby and with Colin off the charts (literally). Anna is in size 12 (12-18) months clothes now (she's 9 months so that's about right) and although all of the baby pants and leggings fit her in length, the super intelligent clothing companies have already started to "slenderize" the waist. Could it be that these companies are trying to send a "Hey You, baby, you better drop a few.." message to my daughter already!! Nah, it couldn't be that, right?
So her chubby little rolls (that I helped make, thank you very much) are squeezed in those little pants like, well, like mine these days....


bmk said…
I hear you luad and clear. I had Caroline try on jeans the other day and she couldn't even stand up because of the "slim fit" It is stretchy pants and skirt for us around here!

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