Halloween....a success....finally a BF for J in the neighborhood and voila he has some fun parents too (we all had a fun Halloween handing out candy in the driveway watching our sugar crazed kids ride their big wheels with gusto).
Yes, my oldest now runs over to his friend's house and stays there for over an hour at a time, gasp. There's no following parent. There's a five year old who WANTS to play legos with his new best friend. And they play together everyday. When his new buddy comes to our house, get this, my two boys don't fight one another, they are too busy with the NEW best buddy....what a concept.
This is such new territory to me. I talk to mothers of older kids and they look at me incredulously, yes, Beth, they do DO things on their own. They have friends and go to their houses without you. Light sabers, legos, games of catch, big wheel races, painting, drawing, imaginations running amok.....a best friend, the best thing a boy could ask for. (And for me, too!)


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