I woke up worried today. I'd had the "voting" nightmare.....didn't make it on time, polls are closed ma'am. As the morning progressed I realized that although it would be very American mother of me to bring all three kids to the voting location here in my quaint little town, I didn't want to have a waking nightmare. C running around and knocking over voting cubicles, J yelling out loud, "Is he going to vote for Grandpa, Mommy?"
You see, J voted at school the other day. I didn't know they were doing this and although I had pointed out Obama to J on the TV a few times, he barely looked up from his legos to notice, hey, he's 5.....and so when presented a picture of both candidates at school in order for easier non-reader voting, he did the best he could and voted for the picture of Grandpa. You can make the connection right?
And upon returning home after voting day at school, J learned from his 9 year old cousin that he had, gasp, voted for the wrong guy....
"Mom, I voted for the bad guy? I didn't know who to vote for."
"No, J, " I said, trying to think in five year old terms, "There is no bad guy. They are both good guys but one has better ideas."
That seemed to soften the blow.
So, I'm ready for the outcome of our feverish voting....and I am hoping there will be no nightmare upon waking tomorrow and the guy with the great ideas is our next President.


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