K woes

I don't know who invented half-day Kindergarten but he/she definitely was a masochist. Never before have I been so tied to my house as the big K is smack dab in the middle of my day..11:30-2:45pm. I know, I am complaining. It was a rule that I made to myself when I started this blog, no complaining, okay maybe just a little.
(One other important rule: never make husband look bad (you're welcome B)).
I grew up in this county. We had half day K way back when....30 years ago. I can't believe there has not been an uprising.
The other day J saw kids walking to school at 7:30am..."Hey, Mom....why do those kids get to go to school now? "
"Well, J, they go all day, like you will when you are in 1st grade."
"Why don't I get to go all day now? I want to go NOW!"
"That's just the way it is buddy...if you went now you'd do the same thing twice...Mrs. H has a different class in the morning (I can tell this is getting a bit over his head but he hangs in there)."
"That's okay," he says, " I don't mind."
Let's start a revolution....


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