Room of My Own

Note:picture above is showing a rather tidy work space....please disregard.

A woman must have money and a room of her own.
~Virginia Woolf
I can't agree enough...there is one room in this house that is now finally ALL mine (Bobby and I have been "sharing" it and he's moving out, had enough.) The money thing another matter.
A room of my own is all I asked for when we moved into this cookie cutter. It has no view (unless you want to count my neighbors' houses across the street), it's the first room everyone sees when they come in our front door, ouch. You see, I keep my studio a mess....I can't work if everything is put away, there's nothing to look at and get excited about...I am wary of clean art studios just like my friend Kat told me long ago not to trust a man who doesn't drink coffee. Making art is messy just like life itself. If something spills in this house, well you don't fuss about it, you just slurp it up.
I'm doing a little dance right now, mine all mine.....only stipulation...put up some blinds on those french doors, done.


Pamela said…
How lovely! It must feel great to have a room ALL to yourself...that is my wish for our next home. :)

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