Top 3 most awful Christmas songs....

1.Dan Fogelberg's "Old Lang Syne"....this is the one where old lovers meet by chance in the grocery store get drunk in a car and then say driving off drunk, I missing something here?

2.The exploitative song where the child is trying to fulfill her Mommy's dying wish of a pair of shoes while out shopping on Christmas Eve... shoes??? Hello! Well, okay I love shoes. And WHAT are they doing out on Christmas Eve anyway?....Hmmmm...maybe they should BE with their mother. Sorry this gal is not buying it.

3."I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus"-okay, I just put this in here for my husband because to this VERY day (he's believed this since he was a child, traumatizing, I know), he swears that it's really a song about the mommy cheating on her husband with the real Santa Claus (you're cute B).

Next...the top worst Christmas movies.....It's Wonderful Life is one of them, yep people...I'll explain why, I swear you'll never watch it the same again. Jimmy Stewart....I have a bone to pick with you.


Jennifer said…
Seven words: Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer.
Kacky said…
I am so happy you said the shoe song. People have told me I'm heartless for not liking that song. So glad I'm not alone in this!!

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