Tomorrow we will do the double birthday party for A and C....and I promise it will be the only time we do this. Next year C will be 4 and he might catch on. Having a kid born on the 20th and the 30th of December is, well, not very good planning. But alas, it does make the holidays even more teeming with presents and good cheer.
And speaking of presents, I have become a bit of a Disney Pixar Cars expert....not because I have seen the movie half a zillion times (kachow) but because I have been all over the town looking for the elusive die cast Cars that represent the characters in the movie for C.
What a great marketing tactic....let's make a movie about cars and then sell, cars! And every car you could imagine from that movie has been made, from the bit characters (Al Oft, Bob Cutlass etc.) to the big names like Lightning, which you can buy WITH bugs in his grill or without. And C knows the difference.
All of which brings me to my mission to find as many cars (that he doesn't have) as possible. And YES, Leesburg, it was ME who found the ONLY Dale Earnhardt #8 in the Leesburg Target at 10pm last Friday, score! It's been fun haunting the local Targets (we have 3) and Wal-Marts looking for these 3 dollar wonders.
As I did my internet Cars research I found there are some cars that are very hard to find, being collector's items...a ha....Darryl Cartrip (got him), and any of the non-big name Piston Cup racers (Trunk Fresh, Tow Cap, Spare Mint, fun names to say the least)....
In April a set of the 36 die cast Piston Cup racers sold for $1000, only 1000 were made and they were gone in 2 and a half hours. Wow. You would think there are some pretty happy kids out there...but most likely the cars are collecting dust on some shelf.
And I was planning a big Piston Cup race on my kitchen floor, oh well....I guess we'll just have to settle for the 30 dollar version.


Elizabeth said…
Beth, I had the exact same thought about bad planning as I was preparing for the tea party birthday for my middle daughter on Sunday, her 4th birthday. Who has children in December, anyway? Crazy women. That's who. ; )
bmk said…
Disney Store. They have all the hard ones there. We now have filmore, about 5 different kind of Ramones, and don't tell Will but he's getting Sarge in his stocking. I SO feel you on this search. They were telling Will that there was a new cars movie in 2010..I'm hoping we've moved on by 2010!

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