Christmas Wish

A few days ago before Christmas craziness, C and I are relaxing in his bed after reading a bedtime story this is when I get the funniest stuff from this boy. I ask him questions and then wait for the delicious three year old answers...

"So C what are you going to get me for Christmas?"
"Ummm, he thinks.....A vacuum, he answers."
"A vacuum??," I ask incredulously. "Do you really think I want a vacuum for Christmas, C? What's wrong with the purple shark? (that's our vacuum's name)."
C's eyes brighten with a big idea...."How bout' a ROBOT vacuum!" (He has never heard or seen the roomba..this is pure 3 year old wonderment).
"Well, ok, that's sounds pretty good....I'll take it!"

Happy Holidays all!


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