Coraline....mine. do these movies keep being they think to themselves...what would please Beth best? hmmmmm......Coraline.
And the best part is that J looked right at me after seeing the trailer on TV and said,
"Mom, we have GOT to see that."

Let's see:
1.Spooky old house...check.
2.Spunky heroine...check
3. Buttons.....check
4.Finding another world apart from reality....check (Dahl, Lewis, Bellairs)
5. Subtly faded colors, skewed plot line, things off kilter.....check.

I can't tell you if you don't know me how much this movie is completely just is....36 days and counting....and it got me thinking about the things that form your life.
Why does a movie like this make my heart a flutter and so I started kind thinking about what I daydreamed as a kid.....although I was being brought up in kid heaven (very blessed) living in Carousel Court (I kid you not) with friends a stones throw away, creeks in backyards, a huge neighborhood pool, a school you could walk to, parents that stayed together....pretty dang good but still I dreamed of the orphaned girl who lived in the big old spooky house with crazy peacock aunts who found a world not of her own while climbing in a dumb waiter.....I had an imagination.
It is so nice to see imagination in movies.....a stop motion action, hand made tale of peril, poking and peculiarness. Perfect. I can't wait.


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