This Star Does Not Disappoint

Our yellow lab Tucker has become a bit of a celebrity in our neighborhood this Christmas season with the premiering of "Marley and Me". Calls of "Marley! Hey Marley!" were heard yesterday when I took him for a run down my favorite rural Virginny road (it's roads like these with canopying trees and rolling pastures that make me like to run).
And let me tell you, our Tucker does not disappoint.
You know the celebrity factor....are they really that pretty or cute in person, or that crazy,etc. ? It's kind of like once when in LA with my friend Kat (we were on a cross country tour in 94 ) we saw Milla Jovovich at the Hollywood was a 9 Inch Nails concert and we were there helping a friend from Rock The Vote to register voters. (Let me just state that we were kind of minor celebrities ourselves having huge ALL access passes swinging from our necks, fun.)
Anyway...she was pretty but much shorter than I would have thought, she wore a baggy unflattering wagon- wheel- wild -west -print- thrift- store -shirt with jeans....she could have been any of us...I remember Kat and I saying to each other, THAT is a supermodel? It was very reassuring. And I have to say, I thought she was pretty cool to go out decked in the wild west attire.
But I digress (as usual)...Tucker not only can ACT out all of the parts of Marley and Me he has added some of his own.....for example, imagine this scene....
Mother in the bath tub soaking as she is recently pregnant and just wanting to relax in the suds...pan to the right of the tub where up jumps Tucker/Marley who is covered in black shoe polish from head to toe. He has rolled in it and rubbed his whole snout into the leathery black goodness all over the bedroom floor....(c'mon you'd do it too if you were a dog, you know it smells nice). And that's just the tip of his repertoire...
Come on over to our house for the 4pm'll get to see Tucker improvise jumping up on the counter top to eat an entire carton of raw eggs, really people, it's just like the MOVIES here.


Jennifer said…
The glamourous life!

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