Sunday, March 30, 2008


I watched Sean Penn’s Into The Wild last night and was stunned. Beautiful, breathtaking, heartbreaking…

I guess one should feel for Chris the wandering, wondering traveler, dying from starvation in a make shift bus in the Alaska taiga but I was thinking of his mother….the movie had so many mothers, mothers of lost boys…..I kissed both of mine goodnight and I pray that they travel and forge their own paths but always come back home.

“Sail, baby, sail, out upon that sea…only don’t forget to sail back again to me”

Saturday, March 29, 2008


Let's Get Political

(sing that to the tune of Olivia NJ’s “Physical, why don’t cha)

Anyway, I was in the shower last night and I was thinking of something that my mom said awhile back that made a lot of sense to me (she is a smart cookie)…she said that she would most likely be supporting Obama over Hilary. She didn’t like that only 2 families would be controlling the country for 16 years straight otherwise. I had been torn before but then thinking of it that way made real sense to me. But how could I not vote for the first viable female candidate?

I have never really felt patriotic (except during the Olympics, I love the Olympics) before 911…let’s face it, I think I am a European in an American’s body. (I guess I am, really, my family hailing mostly from Ireland just a couple of generations back). I don’t like hotdogs, fast food, baseball, Coke-A-Cola, and I used to hate apple pie (gasp). I do like really, really, really old things like churches from the 1300’s with sordid histories. I love cheese and hard bread (hello Barcelona, I will love your food if I ever get there), eating dinner at 10pm, pubs, towns with histories that go much further past 300 years….and so on (I know there is sooo much more to being European but I won’t go on and on). Anyway, as soon as we started bombing the heck out of Afghanistan the feeling slid right down into my stomach and turned into mush. I was immediately stripped of that wonderful feeling of loving one’s country. I wanted to march right over to the countries that claimed solidarity for us after such a horrible attack, with a big ole’ gaudy T-shirt or sign that said “I am an American BUT I DO NOT AGREE WITH MY PRESIDENT”. Maybe it’s because I am female but I just don’t believe in the kick them where it counts attitude this past administration has displayed. It’s so, so, so….like a little boy would react without “using his words”. Punch, kick, hit, bomb.

I’m ready for change.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Pillow Fight

Have I mentioned lately how much I love fabric….the colors, patterns, textures? So I see in the Post today an article about Hable Construction.

Two sisters, beautiful designs, delicious color…..and $150 a pillow! What! All I can think about is how great those pillows would look on my chairs in my living room and how my boys would have the MOST EXPENSIVE PILLOW FIGHT EVER! Okay, now, let’s be fair….these two sisters have worked hard. Pottery Barn has picked up exclusive rights to a few of their designs, they have made it big….but, really, who buys a rocking chair for $1800? However, it is all gussied up in one of their beautiful fabrics…..choose the same chair sans Hable, only a mere $800.

Ok, I’m off to design me some fabric….I can see it now, Bluebird of Happiness pillows aloft in YOUR living room.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Move Over Sondheim

Right now there are a plethora of great songs being belted out in my house, composed by, well, me….

Let’s see there’s the ever popular:

Are You Stinky? (to the tune of Frere Jacques?) Repeat over and over…

Baby Lu, Baby Lu, look what little baby Lu can do…(to the tune of Homer’s Spiderpig, Spiderpig, does whatever spiderpig does).Also, repeat over and over (it’s just a refrain).

And the country hit: I’m Soo Hungry, No One Feeds Me, I Guess I’ll Eat My Hand.

I’ve been so busy with kids…there are 6 postcards in various states of “undress” on my drawing table. Soon they’ll bloom into something beautiful (ha ha ha).

I just ordered a bunch of beautiful fabric scraps from some artists on Etsy. I think this could be addicting. I love the randomness of the scraps cut into different shapes, some big, some small…wonder what they were previously used for. I love that I am supporting other artists by buying their leftover fabric (really nice pieces, I might add, Japanese cottons/prints, designer stuff…now I’m sure there’s copyright homework to do). There’s so much sitting on my table right now I don’t know where to start!

Someday, I am going to put together an Etsy store for my prints and cards etc. Then some other artists/patrons can support me and so the story goes. Here’s an Etsy artist I found that I love: Betsy Walton. It’s nice to see so many busy artists out there, go us!

Fancy Lady

Monday, March 17, 2008

Let’s talk about the word, smug. It’s a devil of a word with a backside that will swing around and smack you hard. Whenever I feel its fickle warmth come creeping up, I simply remind myself of its thorny flip side. Yes, the baby slept well last night but….yes, your son managed to get through the day without breaking into nuclear meltdown tantrums but… can sense it…feel too smug well, then thwack!

Instead I am trying the word “satisfied”. Everyone have all fingers and toes? Is the kitchen floor a Pollack painting of paw prints and jelly smears? Is there food in everyone’s bellies? Everyone got through the day without pressing the red button? Well, then, I am satisfied.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Fantasy Life

Jamie has recently discovered Harry Potter (the movie, the 1st not so intense one) and has been watching it feverously. I have been watching it too, here and there, and found myself fantasizing about the train scene, the one in which Harry, Ron and Hermione are traveling to Hogwarts for the first time. I love the coach, the facing seats, the rumble of the train on the tracks…in my fantasy I am alone with my sketchbook, stack of books and I -Pod (well, Bobby could be there too but he better entertain himself), my feet are propped up on the facing seat, there’s a warm cup of coffee in a cup holder (who know if trains have them, it’s my fantasy so it doesn’t matter). Three or more hours of uninterrupted reading, drawing, journal pontificating, and the idea that the train will reach a new exciting destination…..ahhh fantasy life. These are the things that I dream of these days….I’m such a wild one, eh?

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Old Proverb #1

Teach a man to fish and he enjoys eating for a lifetime…teach a boy to put his own action figure onto action figure’s motorcycle and enjoy it for at least 10 minutes.

Friday, March 07, 2008

I’ve been finding “inspiration/things I like” in the most interesting places. The pocket in my “post-partem” big jeans has this beautiful blue floral material. I’m trying hard not to cut them out and glue them into a postcard.