Sunday, June 29, 2008


At night, after all the kiddos have been tucked into beds and thankfully nodded off, you can find me in the tub, a lot.....Calgon Take Me is here that I turn into a prune and read my books. Last night my two boys were attempting to turn their bath into a water park of sorts. I told them to stop, that the tub can be dangerous, etc. etc......then Jamie turns to me and says,
"Mom, when you take your baths at night, I bet you do a cannonball to get into the tub. I just know you do."
I couldn't help but laugh.
Boy, does that sound like fun.

Friday, June 20, 2008


One Eyeball Theatre

I think Jamie and I have come up with the latest eyeball's a game,people! It's thrilling and fun, edge of your seat theatre and it can be done with only one eyeball! Here's how to play...lay down with your child like you're planning on taking a nap (but you're not because he's 5 and says he's too big for naps, shucks). Lay on your side and tuck pillow and blankets up to your face so that only one eyeball is visible. Then one person guesses the "emotion" the other is making (with the whole face of course, it would be too hard to make just one eyeball do the acting) with only that eye showing....What is it? Happy, sad, scared,mad surprised?
I do it with the "eye" closed....
"What's that supposed to be Mom?" says Jamie.
"Tired, I mumble.
End of Act 2.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Art is in a holding pattern
(I'm in a slow period because somebody is keeping me up at night,hmmmm who could that be?) here's that cutie patootie for you.....

Monday, June 16, 2008

Beauty is in the Eye

of the beholder for sure… at our house…..instead of dolls with hair just waiting to be brushed, braided and twirled, we have articulated super villians with octopus arms and beer bellies (yes, that’s Doctor Octopus). Instead of the fruity aromatic markers I inhaled as a child, we have crayons that have smells like “Stinky Witch Toes” and “Dirty Dragon’s Breath” (yes, these really do exist).

Jamie asked for an action figure called Abomination (Hulk’s rival) for his birthday, he sees pictures of these guys in the little catalogs he got with a new action figure at Christmas. The catalog’s pages are crumpled and well worn. I’ve read it over and over to him. It seems the pure ugliness of the wanted toys is not an issue with the boys it’s just an issue with me …..before kids I would have never thought I would purchase such a hideous character. But Jamie and Colin play with these figures like I played with my dolls. But for them, the uglier, the better. They tell stories, role play and I am fascinated.

Back to Abomination (I call him Ab for short), I even had trouble getting him out of his plastic straight jacket of packaging, he was so ugly I could barely touch him. He has bones breaking through his skin, his spine on his outside and veins galore.

So, I asked Jamie, “Do you think he’s ugly, buddy?”

“Nope,” Jamie said……”he’s just different.”

Yep. I’ll just shut up now.

Gamble on the Green

Let’s Face It…

I am not really good at “staying in touch” with people…..The friends that I have are ones who are tough, who don’t mind my infrequent phones calls, my absentmindedness and generally forgive the fact that I can be tough to get on the phone (I am better at email because you can’t hear the screaming and toy firetrucks being driven at 100mph through my house). My sister Claire has an amazing calling circle of over 20 people. She is a master.

So when my friend Ann invited me to a 4th of July party through Facebook, I thought, I’ll just sign up and rsvp…and now I have 40 friends….friends from college who I haven’t talked to in 14 years are popping up…it’s thrilling and a little overwhelming…but definitely cool and it’s taking up a bit more of my time than I had planned but….

But now I have more friends than my sister…..(he he he).

Tuesday, June 03, 2008


Could it be? Could we actually have a President who Inspires rather than Conspires? I’m slapping on my Obama bumper sticker baby, yeehaw!

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Love Fest

Of course, you all know that I am Brain,Child’s art lady……and maybe you know that one of my bestest (yes, I like the word bestest) friends, Jennifer Niesslein, is one of its editors and a herself, a wonderful writer. She recently interviewed with Brene Brown over at Ordinary Courage ,check it out…..And it’s funny that she finds me and Mary Roach (thanks for the great company) inspiring because we do things in our own unique way….it’s funny because that’s exactly why I love Jennifer and her writing as well. You can tell immediately if it’s a Niesslein piece by her distinguishable writing style, like a friend talking to you straight from the page. Many readers have said that they feel like Jennifer is a friend or that they would like her as one after reading her work….. well, you are absolutely right….she is one great gal to have as a friend…maybe I’ll find an old yearbook photo to put up (oops, look here, she beat me to it).