Sunday, September 21, 2008

Theories of Dinosaur Extinction By Jamie Age 5

Nope, once again, I am not making this are two very scientific theories straight from the mind of Jamie:

A. Dinosaurs drowned in a nice warm bathtub.
B. The dinosaurs were smoking cigarettes and one dropped their cigarette and caught everything on fire, wiping out the population.

Either we have a scientist or a politician on our hands here. Wild theories, eh?


Friday, September 19, 2008

Pills and Payback

Flashback to 1977.....
I am five and I am sitting on my twin bed, legs sticking straight out with knee high cable knit socks barely on my feet. My dad is trying to wrestle these socks onto me and I will not let such a travesty occur, why? Why, you ask?
Now see me making my dad (who doesn't remember this now) pick ALL of the pills (that cable knit apparel tend have) off of my socks and being the kind yet confused father that he is, he is doing it.
Now up to the present, 2008:
I am wrestling socks onto my son, Jamie's, five year old feet. He is refusing, pitching an exorcist tantrum. Why?
Ladies and gentlemen....this is what we call payback time.
Oh joy.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Today I realized that I was a teensy bit envious of my son getting on the bus to go to, those were the days.....

Monday, September 15, 2008


It's always sad to hear of a great artist, musician or writer who has passed on in the prime of their "art"making. When Elliott Smith died in 2003, I waited until this year to buy his last album...because, I knew, it was his LAST album. Once, I bought it, there would be no more.
I read today that David Foster Wallace had taken his own life at 46. I enjoyed reading his short stories. It's a loss for the literary world but most of all for his family. I've been inside that tragic globe with my own family. You imagine the stories they would have written and the great things they could have done had their days rolled out longer. It's a loss in many many ways. And unfortunately, it takes a lot more than a simple song to get over it.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Elizabeth Street

We've been talking about moving. And we will in a few years. Probably just up the road.
That old turn of the century farmhouse has been calling my name for 36 years.
The porch, the creek out back, the doorknobs that don't work and all of its antique dust, that' I'll leave be.
I'm coming home, soon.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Up On My Soapbox

I am presently looking for a dress for Anna (8months). She is going to be the non-walking flower girl in my sister Claire's wedding. She'll probably eat the rose petals (hope they are non-toxic). Nonetheless, I've looked at low price range to high and my head is spinning. It shouldn't be. I've seen 300+ dollar tags hanging off children's clothes before when I was a "nanny" many years ago. But something makes me scream bloody murder when a child's cardigan (even with hand sewn butterflies) costs more than most people's car payments or rents or food budgets for months.
For goodness sake people, let me clue you into something...babies outgrow clothing faster than young boys outgrow shoes (even if they ARE USING THEM AS BRAKES ON THEIR BIG WHEELS). And babies have no problem spitting up on cashmere.....donate that useless waste of money so another child can buy a wardrobe for a year if not more. And I'll sew the dang butterflies on their cardigans.