Saturday, November 29, 2008

Lego Love Affair Officially Over....

Oh little -itty -bitty -size- of -small- flea will be the cause of my unraveling.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The MATH, mom.

I looked through some of J's work that he brought home from Kindergarten yesterday and started to noticed a trend.....the coloring....a mess, hurried, got better things to do coloring on every paper. I can remember getting lost in the coloring when I was his age and almost forgetting to do the rest of the sheet. It's easy to do with 120 count box.
And so I dared to ask:
"Hey J, why is your coloring so scribbly? You can draw better than that. I've seen you do it."
The answer:
"I just wanted to get to the MATH, mom."
Whoa....whhhhaaaat? Whose child is this?

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Baby Buttons

Hello....choking hazard....nice to find this crumpled up bag in my daughter's 10 month old fist (see earlier post about messy studio, oops).
I grabbed the bag from A, only have these little treasures spill out. They are smaller than you can tell, pea little pearls. These jewels were my grandmothers...She kept all of the buttons she ever sewed with and "extra" ones you get with sweaters or jackets. And she labeled them all. Some ladies like the diamonds and pearls....give me buttons anyday.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Santa's Countdown Calendar

Here's last year's "Countdown" calendar that I drew up...can you guess when it the "countdown" started? Just count all of the circles/snowballs on the drawing.....each one got a sticker as the day ended. You may be did she keep track? Well, as the BIG day got closer.... I just added stickers to make it mommy...anyone want a copy for their overzealous, ever asking preschoolers (or older)? I'll send you the PDF and then you too can start counting in October.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

K woes

I don't know who invented half-day Kindergarten but he/she definitely was a masochist. Never before have I been so tied to my house as the big K is smack dab in the middle of my day..11:30-2:45pm. I know, I am complaining. It was a rule that I made to myself when I started this blog, no complaining, okay maybe just a little.
(One other important rule: never make husband look bad (you're welcome B)).
I grew up in this county. We had half day K way back when....30 years ago. I can't believe there has not been an uprising.
The other day J saw kids walking to school at 7:30am..."Hey, Mom....why do those kids get to go to school now? "
"Well, J, they go all day, like you will when you are in 1st grade."
"Why don't I get to go all day now? I want to go NOW!"
"That's just the way it is buddy...if you went now you'd do the same thing twice...Mrs. H has a different class in the morning (I can tell this is getting a bit over his head but he hangs in there)."
"That's okay," he says, " I don't mind."
Let's start a revolution....

Friday, November 14, 2008

Room of My Own

Note:picture above is showing a rather tidy work space....please disregard.

A woman must have money and a room of her own.
~Virginia Woolf
I can't agree enough...there is one room in this house that is now finally ALL mine (Bobby and I have been "sharing" it and he's moving out, had enough.) The money thing another matter.
A room of my own is all I asked for when we moved into this cookie cutter. It has no view (unless you want to count my neighbors' houses across the street), it's the first room everyone sees when they come in our front door, ouch. You see, I keep my studio a mess....I can't work if everything is put away, there's nothing to look at and get excited about...I am wary of clean art studios just like my friend Kat told me long ago not to trust a man who doesn't drink coffee. Making art is messy just like life itself. If something spills in this house, well you don't fuss about it, you just slurp it up.
I'm doing a little dance right now, mine all mine.....only stipulation...put up some blinds on those french doors, done.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

What Would Mommy Do? (WWMD)..if she just had a little time...

I think the toughest thing these days being "in the middle of it" (as I like to call it) is that there never is that time when you can ask yourself....what would I like to do right now? And then follow through with said desire....
I remember a time in my luxurious 28 year old days (the old victorian, going to school, making art whenever I pleased days) when I was a bit down and a friend of mine tried to cheer me up by giving this advice, "What would you like to do right now? It can be go lay out a blanket on a hill and read or devour an ice cream sundae, have coffee at the diner, go and do it, right now, not later, right this very minute." It was such a childlike way of solving things, immediate gratification....and yet, it works for adults and's so crazy it just might work, even now.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Investigative Reporting....

This weekend was the bridal shower/bachelorette party for my youngest sister, Susan..( 11 years younger than me). So when the bachelorette party part of the evening began, my other sister, Claire and I (we're both 35-36) had to down the espresso, pull on the "good" pair of jeans and hold on tight. At 10:30pm (when I am usually snug at home) we boarded the hummer limo and rode off into the city. First, I have to preface this by saying I did not complain, I did not throw a I don't have any clothes tantrum, I went with an open mind and didn't even try to suggest a "cooler- I lived in the city so I know" venue than the seedy one we were hurdling ourselves towards. The last time I had been to this particular club was when I was 22 and it had a reputation even then for being rather, well, cheesy and "dirty", so I put on my big sister glasses and began keeping an eye out. And yet, I did have a lot of fun.
Every shape, size, color, style, age group was out that night, it was a cornucopia of desperate humans. Alas, surprisingly,the evening went off without a hitch. We sang and danced...and pretty much made our own party of it. My sister had a great time and I was thankful to not be "out there" anymore and now I am glad my sister isn't "out there" either.

Friday, November 07, 2008

I have never seen a funnier picture of myself. How much fun can a 36 year old lady have? I swear, that slide was REALLY fast....and look at C, he's so totally cool and chill, figures.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

I woke up worried today. I'd had the "voting" nightmare.....didn't make it on time, polls are closed ma'am. As the morning progressed I realized that although it would be very American mother of me to bring all three kids to the voting location here in my quaint little town, I didn't want to have a waking nightmare. C running around and knocking over voting cubicles, J yelling out loud, "Is he going to vote for Grandpa, Mommy?"
You see, J voted at school the other day. I didn't know they were doing this and although I had pointed out Obama to J on the TV a few times, he barely looked up from his legos to notice, hey, he's 5.....and so when presented a picture of both candidates at school in order for easier non-reader voting, he did the best he could and voted for the picture of Grandpa. You can make the connection right?
And upon returning home after voting day at school, J learned from his 9 year old cousin that he had, gasp, voted for the wrong guy....
"Mom, I voted for the bad guy? I didn't know who to vote for."
"No, J, " I said, trying to think in five year old terms, "There is no bad guy. They are both good guys but one has better ideas."
That seemed to soften the blow.
So, I'm ready for the outcome of our feverish voting....and I am hoping there will be no nightmare upon waking tomorrow and the guy with the great ideas is our next President.

Monday, November 03, 2008

Legos How I love Thee....

let me count the ways....well,
1. You keep my boys happy and creative for hours.

Enough said.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Saturday, November 01, 2008


Halloween....a success....finally a BF for J in the neighborhood and voila he has some fun parents too (we all had a fun Halloween handing out candy in the driveway watching our sugar crazed kids ride their big wheels with gusto).
Yes, my oldest now runs over to his friend's house and stays there for over an hour at a time, gasp. There's no following parent. There's a five year old who WANTS to play legos with his new best friend. And they play together everyday. When his new buddy comes to our house, get this, my two boys don't fight one another, they are too busy with the NEW best buddy....what a concept.
This is such new territory to me. I talk to mothers of older kids and they look at me incredulously, yes, Beth, they do DO things on their own. They have friends and go to their houses without you. Light sabers, legos, games of catch, big wheel races, painting, drawing, imaginations running amok.....a best friend, the best thing a boy could ask for. (And for me, too!)