Monday, December 29, 2008

This Star Does Not Disappoint

Our yellow lab Tucker has become a bit of a celebrity in our neighborhood this Christmas season with the premiering of "Marley and Me". Calls of "Marley! Hey Marley!" were heard yesterday when I took him for a run down my favorite rural Virginny road (it's roads like these with canopying trees and rolling pastures that make me like to run).
And let me tell you, our Tucker does not disappoint.
You know the celebrity factor....are they really that pretty or cute in person, or that crazy,etc. ? It's kind of like once when in LA with my friend Kat (we were on a cross country tour in 94 ) we saw Milla Jovovich at the Hollywood was a 9 Inch Nails concert and we were there helping a friend from Rock The Vote to register voters. (Let me just state that we were kind of minor celebrities ourselves having huge ALL access passes swinging from our necks, fun.)
Anyway...she was pretty but much shorter than I would have thought, she wore a baggy unflattering wagon- wheel- wild -west -print- thrift- store -shirt with jeans....she could have been any of us...I remember Kat and I saying to each other, THAT is a supermodel? It was very reassuring. And I have to say, I thought she was pretty cool to go out decked in the wild west attire.
But I digress (as usual)...Tucker not only can ACT out all of the parts of Marley and Me he has added some of his own.....for example, imagine this scene....
Mother in the bath tub soaking as she is recently pregnant and just wanting to relax in the suds...pan to the right of the tub where up jumps Tucker/Marley who is covered in black shoe polish from head to toe. He has rolled in it and rubbed his whole snout into the leathery black goodness all over the bedroom floor....(c'mon you'd do it too if you were a dog, you know it smells nice). And that's just the tip of his repertoire...
Come on over to our house for the 4pm'll get to see Tucker improvise jumping up on the counter top to eat an entire carton of raw eggs, really people, it's just like the MOVIES here.


I am a sucker for bags.....had a little Christmas money (thank you Great Grandma Fuller) and this beautiful bag by Cotton Candy Boutique (Etsy) will be full of all of my "stuff" very soon (oh, LUCKY bag). I am sure that a few family members will be sporting one of these on their shoulders in the near future (Susan? Katie?)

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Coraline....mine. do these movies keep being they think to themselves...what would please Beth best? hmmmmm......Coraline.
And the best part is that J looked right at me after seeing the trailer on TV and said,
"Mom, we have GOT to see that."

Let's see:
1.Spooky old house...check.
2.Spunky heroine...check
3. Buttons.....check
4.Finding another world apart from reality....check (Dahl, Lewis, Bellairs)
5. Subtly faded colors, skewed plot line, things off kilter.....check.

I can't tell you if you don't know me how much this movie is completely just is....36 days and counting....and it got me thinking about the things that form your life.
Why does a movie like this make my heart a flutter and so I started kind thinking about what I daydreamed as a kid.....although I was being brought up in kid heaven (very blessed) living in Carousel Court (I kid you not) with friends a stones throw away, creeks in backyards, a huge neighborhood pool, a school you could walk to, parents that stayed together....pretty dang good but still I dreamed of the orphaned girl who lived in the big old spooky house with crazy peacock aunts who found a world not of her own while climbing in a dumb waiter.....I had an imagination.
It is so nice to see imagination in movies.....a stop motion action, hand made tale of peril, poking and peculiarness. Perfect. I can't wait.

Three Sisters

Christmas Wish

A few days ago before Christmas craziness, C and I are relaxing in his bed after reading a bedtime story this is when I get the funniest stuff from this boy. I ask him questions and then wait for the delicious three year old answers...

"So C what are you going to get me for Christmas?"
"Ummm, he thinks.....A vacuum, he answers."
"A vacuum??," I ask incredulously. "Do you really think I want a vacuum for Christmas, C? What's wrong with the purple shark? (that's our vacuum's name)."
C's eyes brighten with a big idea...."How bout' a ROBOT vacuum!" (He has never heard or seen the roomba..this is pure 3 year old wonderment).
"Well, ok, that's sounds pretty good....I'll take it!"

Happy Holidays all!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Little Ditty

Oh brain I miss you.
Oh where have you gone?
I miss you so dearly
cause it's been so long
since you've worked sharply
like you once did....
But that was before I had kids...

(sing this with a country type of twang)

I took mistakenly took Tylenol PM in the middle of the day last week instead of my Aleve (for tendonitis in my non-drawing hand), yeah.

Monday, December 22, 2008

12 Days

Here are the 12 days of Christmas I drew up for Susan's tables. I told her I wasn't going to have time to draw 12 drummers drumming, one drum would have to do......but really, that's how I would have done it anyway. The weekend was wonderful and crazy and I haven't had the time to chew on it and come up with funny little anecdotes...right now I think I am in shock that my little Suze is married and it just seems like yesterday that I was changing HER diapers....

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Studio Coming Along

My littlest sister is getting married on Saturday...this is my sister wedding tour 08 having both sisters married in the last two months. I have been busily drawing up the 12 days of Christmas for each of her 12 tables (table number cards). Whew! I hope people can read the numbers, sometimes I get too into the drawing aspect and forget the design....ah...I think they'll do. To bed, to bed.

Monday, December 15, 2008


Top 3 most awful Christmas songs....

1.Dan Fogelberg's "Old Lang Syne"....this is the one where old lovers meet by chance in the grocery store get drunk in a car and then say driving off drunk, I missing something here?

2.The exploitative song where the child is trying to fulfill her Mommy's dying wish of a pair of shoes while out shopping on Christmas Eve... shoes??? Hello! Well, okay I love shoes. And WHAT are they doing out on Christmas Eve anyway?....Hmmmm...maybe they should BE with their mother. Sorry this gal is not buying it.

3."I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus"-okay, I just put this in here for my husband because to this VERY day (he's believed this since he was a child, traumatizing, I know), he swears that it's really a song about the mommy cheating on her husband with the real Santa Claus (you're cute B).

Next...the top worst Christmas movies.....It's Wonderful Life is one of them, yep people...I'll explain why, I swear you'll never watch it the same again. Jimmy Stewart....I have a bone to pick with you.

Saturday, December 13, 2008


Tomorrow we will do the double birthday party for A and C....and I promise it will be the only time we do this. Next year C will be 4 and he might catch on. Having a kid born on the 20th and the 30th of December is, well, not very good planning. But alas, it does make the holidays even more teeming with presents and good cheer.
And speaking of presents, I have become a bit of a Disney Pixar Cars expert....not because I have seen the movie half a zillion times (kachow) but because I have been all over the town looking for the elusive die cast Cars that represent the characters in the movie for C.
What a great marketing tactic....let's make a movie about cars and then sell, cars! And every car you could imagine from that movie has been made, from the bit characters (Al Oft, Bob Cutlass etc.) to the big names like Lightning, which you can buy WITH bugs in his grill or without. And C knows the difference.
All of which brings me to my mission to find as many cars (that he doesn't have) as possible. And YES, Leesburg, it was ME who found the ONLY Dale Earnhardt #8 in the Leesburg Target at 10pm last Friday, score! It's been fun haunting the local Targets (we have 3) and Wal-Marts looking for these 3 dollar wonders.
As I did my internet Cars research I found there are some cars that are very hard to find, being collector's items...a ha....Darryl Cartrip (got him), and any of the non-big name Piston Cup racers (Trunk Fresh, Tow Cap, Spare Mint, fun names to say the least)....
In April a set of the 36 die cast Piston Cup racers sold for $1000, only 1000 were made and they were gone in 2 and a half hours. Wow. You would think there are some pretty happy kids out there...but most likely the cars are collecting dust on some shelf.
And I was planning a big Piston Cup race on my kitchen floor, oh well....I guess we'll just have to settle for the 30 dollar version.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

IF:Similar (aka Bird, Home)

My grandfather was one of my very favorite people.
He was very proud of all of his grandchildren and wore our names on his favorite tie like shiny medals. And he was always talking about the bluebird of happiness... He taught me to laugh even when the going gets tough and to enjoy life...even when your wife is dying with Alzheimer's and your bones are a'creakin'. I think of him around the holidays...dressing up as Santa and the smell of "thanks, I needed that" after shave. Love. Family. We're carrying on the loud, laughing Christmas tradition in this house, tweet, tweet.

This is a post for Illustration Friday..."Similar".

Thursday, December 04, 2008


There is a club. There is a sorority of mothers with boys and even one for mothers with more than one I can tell you the dynamics are different with brothers. This is not a club anyone should feel excluded from or pressured into, it's just a look, it's just a knowing look that mothers of boys toss to one another.....
This is not a "boys will be boys" club where everything is listed and dismissed under that category, don't get me wrong and it is not a whoa is me club either (although it does happen).

It's a look from one to another... I know that you have velcro nerf bullets hanging from your Christmas tree and lego pieces AS your carpeting and I know that you have stepped on cars with wings (that hurt) and have learned ALL of the dinosaurs names and mispronounced them as badly as I have, sorry Diplodocus. Your hairbands-sling shots, your couch cushions-forts...

This is a knowing look that even though your five year old boy LOOKS old enough to be able to handle his emotions, he hasn't quite "gotten it" yet and you get frustrated when his fruity bar breaks and he acts like it is THE END OF THE WORLD. This is a knowing look that you have been shopping on THAT side of the store for many years, the side with the "quasi cute" stuff, secretly wishing that you could dress them in colorful polka dots and butterfiles instead of frogs and dumptrucks, c'mon, you know it.
It's a look that shows that you just clotheslined yourself with yet another Spiderman yarn web and your downstairs bathroom should have a skull and crossbones permanently burned into the wood of the door (project for later?)
But then.... there is nothing that warms the heart more when those same little rugrats tell you (and they did last night, really)...that you are pretty and they love/lub you.
"Actually, Mom", J said "You are a princess."
Ah, shucks.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Oh bananas...

As you can see there hasn't been much art being posted on this was my original intent. More art less talk!
I get frustrated when I can't doodle something up..just for fun, no plan, just doing it. And recently on my island here at home I have spent most of my day doing, just doing crap, really small,minute no butterfly effect stuff. At the end of the day, I've got a messy house, kids running rampant and fish sticks in the oven, yum. It's frustrating. I like to see fruits of my efforts. However with three under five, the fruits are often just that, fruit....fruit crammed into high chairs, an apple core in the couch cushions, grapes smooshed underfoot.
So yesterday, I spent about 30 minutes (MY lunch break) when both kids were napping (it's like Halley's Comet in this house) and made a few postcards. They aren't finished but it was fun and you'll find no still lifes among them....of fruit, of course.