It's been a Beth day...just puttering around without kids day. B is going to the Georgetown Bball game tomorrow so today was my "day off". I've been thinking about the "new" year and I'm not one for resolutions that serve no real purpose at all...like losing weight or eating healthier etc. This year I've decided to get more involved with our little arts center here in town. It's hard to believe that in this 3 square mile town there is an arts center (and bonus, it's housed in an old furniture store, turn of the century) and weirdly enough, I'm not affiliated with it. Why, you might ask, haven't I gotten more involved....hmmm...could it be the three kids I've had in the last five years since living here, nah couldn't be that!
There are other things too like trying to stop buying black cardigans and caring if my house is clean. I think those will be easy to achieve, perhaps in the first month of the year!
Happy New Year.


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