I'm completely ignoring a dispute that is going on in my living room right now, over, get this....which side of the couch to sit on!!!! It is front page news people. It is desperate.

Last weekend B and I went to Duck, NC where my uncle has a house. I've been going there every summer since I was a kid. The off season there is delightful. But I've never been in January. What's there to do in sub zero weather at the beach? Nothing. Perfect.

Here's what I did:
Ate whole bag of cheesy curls and Ben and Jerry's Mint Ice Cream...
Got bad tummy ache.
Played REAL (not FB) Scrabble with husband
Watched 6 hours straight of bits and parts of movies and did not get off of couch
Not for anything.
The Missing (griping)
27 Dresses (cute)
Snakes on a Plane (gross out)
4th Floor (what?....let's just say packing peanuts take on a new name)
In Bruges (love this movie)
City Slickers (funny)
Black Dahlia (weird)
Alpha Dog (shocking)

Went to the Duck Cottage bookstore and coffee shop all three days, became locals.
Looked at books. Looked at more books.
Sat in front of fireplace.
Read books.
Went to dinner just the two of us.
Drank lots of red wine.
Walked/ran on beach in 20 degree weather, Tucker went swimming, really.
Went to the movies, saw Marley and Me, bawled.
Realized that the story is uncannily the same as ours....even the kids, two boys and then a girl (now I just need that big old farmhouse). Loved seeing Jennifer Aniston lose it with the dog and the kids, it was like watching a fancier version of my life....
Enjoyed ride in car even though it was 6 hours.

Came home.
Back to three kids and my messy house.


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