I'm A Grandma!

to twins nonetheless......amidst the craziness that is a one year old with a nasty ear infection we got to enjoy a little night time fun with A. Since she wasn't sleeping well, we brought her downstairs a couple of times and just cuddled her with a bottle and some Law and Order (B and I are both bedtime sticklers but she wasn't having it, laying on her back was painful for sure, what can ya do)....one night, she looked almost ready to doze off (the twist in the show wasn't enough to keep her attention I guess) when B said to her, just to see what she would do,
"Where's your dolly baby?"
Up pops her head and she squirms out of his arms and crawls with her little wiggly butt to her dolly babies. They are squished into her walker stroller (I think we're going to need a double) and proceeds to give one a bottle.
"She's a little mommy", B says.
"Yeah, so much for that nature nurture thing.....the boys would have never done that."
"Which thing? Gotten out of my lap or given the baby a bottle?"
"Not waited for the plot twist on the show, of course."


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