Polka Dots and Whatnots

You know I am a lover of great design and ideas but really I do NONE of them. Yep, I'm just a window shopper, a passer-by, an admirer of people who can sew their own drinking straws. I have been known to make my kids' playdough though, uh huh.
I get myself in trouble reading other talented people's blogs....they do so much and in such great color pallettes, they must have nannies.

Back to the design:
You'd think, well, she's an artist, I'll bet her house is full of that design stuff and you would be wrong. And you want to know why....three problems, no time, kids that get yogurt on EVERYTHING and my husband is of a rare breed...You see, he's mover, a feng shui, wake up and the bed you've BEEN sleeping in has been moved type. There's nothing in my house that is nailed down...it's kind of like being on the Titanic when all the water is about neck high and everything is just floating willy nilly. But you have to give him credit, he's always looking to improve. Once he asked my why I hadn't really put anything up on the walls and I looked at him with that YOU know why stare. It's a scotch tape house.

Yeah, okay, it is kind of an excuse. And also the fact that I'm not good at making decisions like a rational and logical person. We're talking about the girl who decided to DRAW her own furniture in high school, yep, that didn't turn out so great.

Maybe someday my house will reflect my personality better, my love of color and the quirky. But until then oops, there go my pictures floating by.....


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