Shift Return

I've worked with typewriting manuals in my collage for awhile now, like 8 years......but recently I've had to scrounge up more because my beloved old 20th Century Typewriting manual looks like mice got to it or some crazy artist wielding a pair of scissors...these came in the mail the other day. They are chock full of pencil notes and have jems like "Pat and Earl" and "Tony and Kay" scribbled in 1947 school girl handwriting....These books are over 60 years old and smell like my grandparents' stuff, well, because they are from that era. Why do I like them? Because they have sayings like this:

Do not let yourself worry about how you are doing.
Keep on trying to do well and you will do very well.
Each day you can pace your typing a little faster.
Do you want to get ahead in life? Use the head you have.

I won't tell you how fast I typed that, let's just say that I wouldn't get very far in life....typing that is.


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