1 out of 11,000!

Last night after falling asleep for a bit while putting my three year old to bed and knowing I was coming down with something (aches,sinus pressure flu?) I just popped onto Etsy real quick before going to my own bed (at 8pm, I must be sick) and VOILA, there was my "Flew the Coop" print ON THE FRONT PAGE-Handpicked items using the search term "time." Regardless of feeling like crap, I jumped up and down screaming like a school girl. Out of 11,000 items that got pulled up with the search word "time" mine was one of 12 that made to the front page. I had a ton of traffic to my little one month old Etsy shop. I'm a geek, this is FUN.


dolcechic said…
Congratulations....this is HUGE! I'm thrilled for you :)

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