All For One and One For All

Valentine's Day has never held much clout with me. My birthday is the 16th and when I was younger I always thought how DARE valentine's day steal my spotlight. And I guess I do still harbor a little resentment against the holiday....but there were good times, yes, there were.....
Remember when you exchanged valentines at school, boy did I love that, sometimes hoping that the boy you had a third grade crush on would write just a little more than his name.... didn't happen but one could always hope.

And now to present day where the Valentines' Day conversation sounds a little like this,
"Hey J, do you want to make your valentines or buy them like we did last year?"
"But I only need ONE!", he exclaims.
"No, buddy, you need to give each kid in your class a valentine."
"NO, I don't."
Yes, you do."
"NOOOOO, I don't."
"Don't you remember last year when you picked out the Transformer valentines and you gave on to each of the kids in your pre-school class?"
(WELL, I remember, oh too vividly....the instructions were to TRY to have your kid write the name of his classmate on their valentine...I dreaded this.... it took 2 hours to write the 10 names.)

"So, do you want to go to Giant and pick out your valentines or make them yourself?"
(I ask this in the off chance he wants to do what I want to do...)
"Well, okay he says....but I still think that you just bring ONE valentine."
"Well, if you only had ONE who would you give that ONE valentine to J?" I ask sarcastically.
"You, of course, mom."

Ahhh shucks kid.....again.


Beth! Love your blog and I can certainly relate to the intersections of motherhood, art, and all else. Your drawings are so evocative. I'm definitely linking to you from Jocelyn's Stories. And this is just the push I need to check out Brainchild, which has been on my list for some time.
Best in art and child-reading.
Veronica June said…
I often have to share my birthday with Father's Day. Come on, what's more important?

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