Dear Lego People (click on letter to read)


Xanthe said…
This is so funny! I was thrilled the other day to find an unpriced Star Wars X-wing fighter Lego set at a thrift store. I asked how much and the guy said $1.00 since "it wasn't all there" Are you kidding me! Not only was it "all there"....there was extra. Darth Maul, Boba Fet, R2, Luke, and some generic workmen with mustaches. Mustaches, so cool! Yes, my kiddos loved the surprise :-)

BTW Love your art!
Kathy said… can get just the guys...I go to the Lego store in Downtown Disney (I know....but hey I live close by, and my daughter once worked there) so if you ever want me to pick up some guys....I can get them for you!! Any excuse is ok with darling granddaughter got to go this store and went wild!! Her mom is a lego-nut!!
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I TOTALLY agree!!! That would be wonderful because then we wouldn't have to buy all the sets just for the little dudes. Plus when my boys put them in the drain we can get new ones! Great letter.

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