Can't You See, Mommy is Drawing

Kids have the amazing ability to pick up on a dog can sense fear, kids can sense desperation. The more desperate you are to get them anchored into their car seats the more they resist. The more desperately you NEED them to sleep well....then they are up for hours in the middle of the night. My little gal has an uncanny ability to sense an important day is coming so she'll develop an ear infection, the gall of her! (please read into this an exasperated slightly sarcastic tone)

I can't tell you how many times I've sent emails to Stephanie and Jennifer (Brain,Child gurus) explaining the delinquency of my art for the magazine is because someone (who is 13 months old) decided she wanted to watch Saturday Night Live from beginning to end and then stay up another two hours after that..... or that another kiddo had the nerve to go to the hospital for RSV for four days.....imagine that! Can't they tell I am trying to have a somewhat professional art career!

Well, thank goodness I work for a magazine for and about mothers and fathers, parenting and the like.....I don't think that Car and Driver would be so understanding.


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