New Lessons

Our house is being appraised tomorrow....
We are trying to take advantage of these beautifully low interest rates and re-finance. However, I do believe that our family has managed to reduce the value of this house by at least 10K just by living in it. B and are trying our best to make the house look good, look good enough to save a little moola. But the carpets belong in a fraternity house basement. The corners of our walls have either been pummeled by huge firetrucks or wrecked by our lab who can't slow down around the bend when he's doing his track laps. What have we learned from all of this...thank goodness we are not selling the house (yet).

Here's something else I learned recently ....I don't know if there is such a thing as this but I experienced a "donor high" last night and not just because I was hopefully saving a life. I dutifully went over to my son's school to donate my precious B- blood last night. (I have always known I have a rare blood type which makes me feel especially guilty for not giving more of it and especially nervous should I ever NEED it...but alas, it is my duty as a B- gal. My mother can't even donate anymore because her veins have collapsed, yikes.).
Anyway, after donating, I ate my cookies and went home, freezing and crunching through the snow and then....amazingly enough, I felt euphoric, calm and happy. Whoa. Bonus!
What is that? And when can I donate again?


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