Feb 17th, 2009

On Tuesday, I had an unexpected gem of a day. You can't plan these, in fact, these days are cleverly packaged in an alarming way...child is very sick at night, B and I half sleep listening to him wheeze (J said he was okay and wasn't in distress), call nurse sister who says he's okay unless he's turning blue but that it was our call and to trust instinct, take child to doctor's at 7:30am and explain there are NO shots just a scary looking nebulizer thing to breathe with-tell child it's like a pilot/astronaut mask-then the rest of the day surprisingly enough is wonderous.

J gets immediately better so we go to Giant to get his medicine and he gets to pick out whatever he wants. He is cautiously quiet, this is not normal. (But it is pleasant).

We gather up our goods and go home to park it on the couch. We watch Martha Speaks and Arthur and pop Pops. He devours numerous fruity bars. We play Mario Kart on our borrowed Wii, I am Peach and he is the Ghost.(I am actually really good at video games, I don't know why or how this talent will ever come into play but it might win me some cool mom points further down the line.)

And then, la piece de resistance (I know I spelled that wrong)-a three hour nap for him and a one hour one for me. We lay curled up in my cloud-like bed. There are no babies fussing (A and C were at Grandmas), no phones ringing, no dishes being done. After the nap J and I sat at the kitchen table and made art. He drew a picture of me (see above).

You don't see these days coming, you can't plan them. Sometimes they come out of sticky situations and then all you can do is stop and, well, eat the popsicles.


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