Andrew Bird In Flight-The Whistle Always Wins

When I find music that I like I just have to share and one of my newest finds is Andrew Bird. Anyone who can fit the words onesie, sociopath, veil, atmosphere and silver bridge in to practically one sentence and make it sound lyrical and phenomenal has my attention...also the whistling and clapping (trust me). But really, sorry....can you tell I am not a music reviewer, I promise I'll leave that to the professionals.
I heard an interview with Andrew Bird and Melissa Block on NPR as I was driving J and K to the much talked about Coraline viewing. An interview I never would have heard at home amidst the chaos that is a 1,3 and 5 year eating dinner.
He described his music on his latest CD as "I think of like, when I was a kid, and I would get my Sherlock Holmes magnifying glass and throw myself down in a pile of mulch or something and go in there and pretend that I was microscopic," Bird says. "I wanted to capture that kind of woody, mossy, decaying kind of sound.".
My favorite song is the opener on the record (yep, I like saying record) called "Oh No" and here's how Bird describes it: "Oh No," inspired by an inconsolable child on an airplane softly repeating those words, was not intended to feature whistling so prominently. "I recorded this live with just two acoustic guitars," Bird says. "Whistling is usually just a placeholder for a melody you expect to play something else with. But the whistle always wins."
It's kind of hard to explain how perfect that is until you listen to the music.
Don't you love when you can wait to put that I Pod on and go for a walk or even do the dang dishes...ahhhh, music.


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