The Best Thing I Heard...

as a struggling mother was, "Oh I REMEMBER that!" a friend said those exact words to me about two years ago when my then "challenging" kiddo was completely losing it over a very simple thing.
"What do you mean, you remember that?," I asked.
"Oh, those losing- it- over- everything moments, the constant battling, the confusing emotions, the torrents of pre-school tantrums."
"You mean it ENDS????" I am ecstatic. "Because I feel like I am in some kind of Book of World Records stage going on two years (little did I know it was going to be just about 3 years).

These days when I wake up I have to pinch that things have gotten better in my house? Could it really BE that my five almost six year old is agreeable, insightful, insatiable in exploring and learning to read, can share a wink with me and our very own inside jokes. He's kind to his brother some of the time (can't get too greedy), has a best friend that he treats just as one should treat a best friend. And I can take my kids OUT IN PUBLIC now. Oh, I thank my lucky stars. But I worry, will my three year old pick up the torch? It doesn't seem likely as he's a very different child than his brother. So right now, I feel I paid my dues. I am going to enjoy this, darn it! I've been initiated and I passed (somehow).

And the best thing is.....I asked J the other day if he remembered being such a handful and he looked at me incredulously.
"What?" He said laughing, "I was never like that!"
Oh, Pre-K amnesia you are wonderful..... I will never mention it to him again. Wink. Wink.


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