Citizens Arrest

The other day a friend of mine said to me that she (and a few other friends) were wondering how I get all the stuff done that I do (soccer, running, art, etc.)...the old, how does she do it question. And here's my answer/question:
Something has to give right? HAVE YOU EVER BEEN IN MY HOUSE?- It's a mess. I mean, it's not rotting dishes in my sink messy but the house is definitely "lived" in as I like to put it. Part of the reason I want to move into a two hundred year old house is so that I can actually blame all of the dust and peeling paint and stains on the house itself.

And half of the mess can't be blamed on three kids not exactly....
I have been known to let my kids make towers using all of my spices just to get a little artwork done...the tops not always being on perfectly tight because of my haphazard cooking style. Let's just say my house ONLY smelled like a tarragon steak dinner much to the disappointment of my spouse coming home from work (where they are NOT allowed to make spice towers).

My husband likes to tell me that half the work I end up doing is stuff that could have been avoided. You make more work for yourself, he tells me (and he's right) letting the kids have Styrofoam peanut snowstorms in the living room for example.

I like to tell myself that at least my house isn't as bad as the girl I heard of in grade school whose house was so covered in trash you couldn't see the floor. But I don't know if that's the standards I should be measuring myself against. That and and my husband's maggot fridge house in college (don't ask)...I think, well, at least I'm not THAT bad.

So, please make sure you call before you come over....I'll try to tidy up the place.
Until then, oh well, let it snow!


Rowena said…

Oh my gosh, me too!! Creating definitely takes precedence over cleaning!!

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