A donation and adoration.....

The collage above in the white frame is a piece that I am donating to my son's school's auction. It will be held at the Bluemont Vineyard and unfortunately I won't be able to go, rats! I think this is a great way to support his school and do a little advertising for myself:)

Anyway, Coraline......
A couple of weeks ago on a Friday night I swooped up my five year old and his bestest buddy (my insurance policy that we'd get through the movie) and we headed out to the NEW mulitplex about 20 miles away from here (everything is about 20 miles away!) to see Coraline in 3D. I have never seen anything in 3D. I was very excited to don the glasses (which I thought were still red on one side and blue on the other, old school) and pop into a beautifully Henry Selick world. And boy did we......Coraline in 3D is eye candy, delicious and such a treat. And it's not in your face 3D, it provides depth not dizzying graphics. I wanted to take a bath in all of the slightly muted colors.
The boys loved it too. Looking over at the bespectacled two made me break into a smile...the glasses were a bit too big and they looked a bit Buddy Holly. They watched the whole thing intently, smudging up the glasses with buttery popcorn fingers, they WERE NOT AFRAID (they told me many a time).
Yet at one point when the "other mother" has made a complete metamorphosis into the spider-like lady...there was a pause and in true comic relief, K (J's BF) yells out,
"Now THAT was freaky."
And wonderful too.......


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