Happy St. Patty's

This morning I woke up to the excitement of a five year old who thought he had been visited by a candy dropping leprechaun.....oops, have I missed something?
"Yeah", he said, "the leprechaun puts the candy in your shoes." Oh, criminy! No candy in the house, no secret stash.
"Well, buddy, I don't think our leprechaun leaves candy. At least MY childhood leprechaun never did." Holidays are getting complicated.
"Well, ok, Mom, maybe he'll just leave me toys."

St. Patrick's day is a day when I feel proud. Proud of my ancestry, see the Hannons are almost ALL Irish. There is a little bit of German, Scot and Welsh but in the pie chart of Hannon ancestry over %75 of the pie is kelly green. I've got the Irish tan, the penchant for a pint, the ability to tell quite the tall tale, a quick temper, the curly hair...all stereotypical "Irish" attributes, I know, but in my case, true....so

Hello to my family in County Down and County Clare...someday I will come and meet you, sing songs, tell stories, have a pint and never want to leave.

(The art above is a rough draft for my March baby announcement done in my more watercolory style. They've been on the back burner for awhile but I thought appropriate to post it.)


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